Book and a short biography

Mette Holland has a M.A. in Communication and Globalisation from Aalborg University in Denmark. She has worked in Denmark, Spain and Switzerland within the areas of finance and diplomacy. Based on her lifelong passion in the spiritual path, she currently works in her home country Denmark as a spiritual teacher and a healer, hosting ascension groups and workshops within a variety of subjects based on the esoteric teachings and spiritual science.

Mette is the author of the book "The Heart of the Sun and the Heart of the Earth". To purchase please email Price: 17 USD (+ 2 USD in shipping). 

The book talks about the current transition Earth and mankind are going through, based on the esoteric teachings. It explains how Earth and mankind are in the process of evolving towards a state of perfection and awakened consciousness – also called the great birth which will lead to the achievement of cosmic consciousness and a society that is based on the principles of neighborly love. It explains the cosmic plan for Earth, the celestial heritage of mankind, and the inner meaning and purpose of the Holy Grail. It explains how what is happening on Earth now echoes far into the universe, affecting many worlds and dimensions.

The heart of the Sun and the heart of the Earth goes into details with:

- the nature of light and dark and the connection to the era of Atlantis

- the celestial heritage and history of mankind and the influence from the stars

- the holy grail, awakening the heart and embodying our Soul energies

- the importance of self-love, living our joy and being who we came here to be

- parallel lives and realities and the importance of focusing on what we want

- star seeds, light workers and their role and life purposes here on Earth

- ascension, initiations, the rainbow bridge and the energy centers

- the influence from the 7 rays, sacred flames and the masters of the rays

- Shamballa and all the birth helpers to Earth and mankind

The book elaborates on the multitudes of light beings, angelic beings, star beings, cosmic and galactic masters that are here to assist and help with the raising of consciousness on Earth. It describes ascension as a natural process and provides energetically coded exercises to help connect with high-level guides and work with our own inner processes towards self-love, self-worth, and becoming balanced masters in this life time. Invocations and meditations are also included to help build the levels of light in our 4-body system and to support us in our ascension and awakening. It explains why neighborly love and self-love are so essential in our evolution, and guides us towards unfolding our highest potential and joy. It will provide support to all who have the genuine desire and intention to fulfill their divine plan on Earth and beyond, and assist the Earth and mankind to do likewise.